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The Faces of Stomach Cancer honors those battling stomach cancer, celebrates survivors, and remembers those we have lost.

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Todd Leach

My name is Todd Leach and I am 51 years young. I found out that I carried the CDH1 genetic mutation after my father passed away in 2018. I had my Total Gastrectomy in July of 2019. Yes, I was an active-duty Marine with 27 years in the Corps when I had my stomach removed. […]

Al Salm

Alan Salm

Al, a Wisconsin native, was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer in the spring of 2019. He underwent two years of chemotherapy every two weeks and traveled and made memories with his wife and teenage son. When they went in to perform a gastrectomy, they determined the cancer had spread too far and they were unable to […]

Mr. Knight

Mr. Knight

I’d like to introduce to you my dad, he’s 62 years old, the photo attached is my dad on Sunday (12th October 2014) in North Yorkshire in England, the first day out since his operation to remove his stomach on May 28th 2014 after he got diagnosed with stomach cancer May 21st 2014… He started […]


Patricia Etienne

I was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer in June 2020 after a series of testings, biopsy, etc. I was shocked when I heard the phrase, “you have cancer” because I considered myself pretty healthy (for a 59 year-old) up to that point. I did not have any underlying conditions and I worked out regularly […]

Dan Kane

Dan Kane

My Story…Total Gastrectomy My wife encouraged me to write and share my story… When I found out that I was at risk for stomach cancer I spent a lot of time looking through posts and stories online. About one and a half years ago, I had a genetic test that confirmed I was predisposed to […]



This is my son Donny. Passed at age 47 of undiagnosed stomach cancer. He was in the the hospital only four days.  He had many symptoms since 2004 but every test (endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultra-sound, x-rays) did not show anything.  He went home from work on a Friday afternoon very sick with what he thought was […]

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