Caregiver Resources

When someone is diagnosed with stomach cancer, they often feel isolated and alone. Having love and support from a caregiver means so much to those fighting the disease.

If you are family, a friend, or a loved one in a cancer fighter’s life, you are supporting them for a reason and you probably know the person well. But we know that it’s not always easy, and sometimes, you need support too.

No Stomach For Cancer is here for you when you need us.

Three Tips for Supporting Others

1. Facilitate Open-Ended Discussion

Getting a cancer diagnosis can make life difficult to plan. Asking questions that are too specific or too long-range can create stress for the person fighting cancer. Open-ended questions like “how do you feel” or “can I do anything for you” allow the person to react in the moment and are often much more welcomed.

2. Keep Yourself Healthy Too

When a caregiver is not feeling their best, they are not able to provide the best support possible to a cancer fighter. Keeping track of your own health helps you better take care of someone else.

3. Know the Person You Support

Chances are, you know the person you are supporting quite well. Rely on this knowledge to add positivity to their life. Spending time with you, doing their favorite things, brings back a feeling of normalcy during a challenging time.