Helicobacter Pylori (H pylori) infection is a leading cause of stomach cancer.

Ask your doctor for an H. pylori test if you are experiencing prolonged and persistent symptoms like
stomach burning, loss of appetite, and nausea.

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center Search the Studies site is a registry of publicly supported clinical studies conducted mostly in Bethesda, MD.


We help patients find and join clinical trials while supporting the industry to plan studies with the patient in mind.

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CenterWatch has been the recognized global leader in providing clinical trials information to professionals working at sponsors, CROs, research sites and niche service providers.

Faces of Stomach Cancer

Read the personal stories of others facing issues and challenges with stomach cancer that may be similar to your own.

Stomachless Sisters

The Stomach-less Sisters

When you think of gastric cancer you probably don’t picture healthy sisters in their early 30’s, but we are the faces of gastric cancer. Our family history is riddled with stomach, colorectal, and breast cancer, so at the urging of our doctors we underwent testing to determine if there was a genetic component at play. […]

Karen Lucas

Karen Lucas

This is my momma, Karen. Before I tell you how she passed, I’d like to tell you how she lived. My mom was a passionate lover of life. She loved all living things; from the tiniest of animals, to the beautiful flowers she grew in her garden, and her children, grandchildren, husband and family. She […]

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