Mr. Knight

Mr. Knight

I’d like to introduce to you my dad, he’s 62 years old, the photo attached is my dad on Sunday (12th October 2014) in North Yorkshire in England, the first day out since his operation to remove his stomach on May 28th 2014 after he got diagnosed with stomach cancer May 21st 2014… He started chemotherapy & radiotherapy on 13th August.

Since being diagnosed, my dad has had a handful of problems along the way… The beautiful lady stood by his side on the photo is the lady that has been by his side for 46 years, I have never come across a couple so in love and strong after being married for 41 years, my mum sadly lost her mum to Stomach Cancer quite a few years ago, how this woman as stayed so strong these past few months is beyond me.

Before being diagnosed, my Dad has suffered a stroke, high blood pressure, Bells Palsy amongst other things, He isn’t giving in to cancer, he’s fighting now and he’s fighting hard.

He’s finished his 5 weeks treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy about a month ago now, he’s had such a rough and rocky road, only just now this past 2 weeks is he starting to show improvement and want to share with everyone how proud I am of him fighting his battle, he’s still got a bit of a long way to go, he’s gone from a healthy cricket playing, hard working, mountain climbing 60+ year old man to fighting a battle to get his life back, I hope this is shared amongst all the other inspirational story’s on your page, many thanks xxxx

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