International Advocacy Organization for Stomach Cancer Research and Awareness Brings “Spotlight on Gastric Cancer” to Philadelphia Featuring Leading Researcher Dr. Parry Guilford

Featuring Leading Researcher Dr. Parry Guilford

[Madison, WI] -­‐ No Stomach For Cancer is pleased to announce their “Spotlight on Gastric Cancer” event on Thursday, April 23 from 1:30-­‐7:30 at the Temple University Center City Campus, 1515 Market Street in Room 222. The Keynote speaker will be Professor Parry Guilford, PhD, a principal Investigator in the Cancer Genetics Laboratory, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Dr. Guilford is responsible for the discovery of the CDH1 gene mutation which has been identified in many families affected by Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC). Stomach cancers are the fifth most common cancer types worldwide, and the third leading causes of cancer death in the world.

HDGC is a rare form of stomach cancer that affects families that typically see several members diagnosed at early ages. Stomach cancer is very difficult to detect and is often not discovered until it is in an advanced stage. Because of this, carriers of the CDH1 gene mutation are advised to undergo prophylactic gastrectomy (complete removal of the stomach), much like BRCA gene carriers are advised to have mastectomy. Female carriers of CDH1 are also at increased risk of developing lobular breast cancer, so mastectomy is sometimes recommended for them as well.

Dr. Guilford’s presentation will cover the history of his HDGC research with families of New Zealand’s Maori tribe and discovery of the gene mutation, what is known about how the cancer starts and spreads, current guidelines for HDGC families plus updates on research that could involve new drug therapies, rather than surgical intervention.

In addition, the “Spotlight on Gastric Cancer” event will also feature a few HDGC families sharing their stories and a Q & A and roundtable discussion with Dr. Parry Guilford.

This event is being sponsored by Lilly Oncology and is free and open to anyone, however attendees must pre-­‐register at as there is limited space. You can register for the event at this link…Spotlight on Gastric Cancer

Founded in 2009, No Stomach For Cancer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating research and promoting awareness about stomach cancer. The organization’s mission is to support research and unite the caring power of people worldwide affected by stomach cancer. Headquartered in Wisconsin and serving families across the globe, No Stomach For Cancer is a worldwide thought leader in stomach cancer awareness and education. For more information, please visit