Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for No Stomach For Cancer. Our forum is a great place to share knowledge and experience, and to help others continue to learn about matters of importance once touched by stomach cancer. There are many topics to write about, from general health and well-being, nutrition, and post gastrectomy concerns to a great awareness activity or event, to a personal experience that changed your life, to something humorous. We can never laugh too much! We realize that you might not know how to approach writing a blog. So, we have created some guidelines you might find helpful.

Although individual posts will vary, strong posts generally include the following:

  • 500-800 words (suggested length)
  • A title that gives the reader some insight into the topic
  • Your personal connection to stomach cancer (are you a patient, survivor, family member, caregiver, medical professional, etc.)
  • Something that will inform, inspire or raise awareness about topics related to stomach cancer
  • Paragraphs between 5-6 sentences long
  • A short biographical paragraph about you written in the third person
  • A photograph to accompany your post. Although this is optional, people love to see pictures of either the writer or about someone related to the post. Be sure to include a caption that explains something about the picture (who it is, its significance, etc.)

Remember, you are writing to share your experience. Please do not provide medical advice. People with any medical questions or concerns should always consult their physician.

Your entry will be proofread before publication on our website. It may be edited if necessary to meet space requirements.

To submit your story entry for consideration for publication or if you need further assistance in approaching your topic, contact us at

Our website is a place to share knowledge and experiences. If you would like to share a personal story, you can share your story on our Faces of Stomach Cancer page, or share your website on our Stomach Cancer Journeys page.