Chad White

Chad White

My name is Chad White,

I have an amazing family, my wife Jocelyn, our children Chad (16), Gary(12), Ella(12) , Joseph(12).

Jan 25th, 2010 was the day my world changed. The day of my full gastrectomy!

Finding out I had genetic stomach cancer was very tough. The doctor strongly advised me to have the surgery as I was in the prime age bracket to have this type of stomach cancer. As it turned out it was the right thing to do because cancer had already started in the wall of the stomach.

Being a competitive soccer player and just finishing my first body building competition, it was a physical and mental struggle adjusting to life without a stomach. I had to basically learn how to eat again, my body reacted differently now to the foods I once loved. Just as I started to adjust to life without a stomach, life threw me another curveball!

Three weeks after my surgery I had a massive gastrointestinal bleed. Thankfully my wife is an O.R. nurse and was able to perform CPR and bring me back! Cancer wasn’t getting me, no matter how!

I really have spent the last 4 years putting my body thru too much. I have finally realized there is more to live for. I have gone on a fitness quest. I quit competitive soccer due to the struggles maintaining my weight. Being so competitive it has been tough to let it go.

I have started a new competition, Men’s Physique Body Building Shows. In the last 20 weeks I have competed in three, St Catherine’s Masters 2nd, Ontario Provincial 7th, and Hamilton Naturals 2nd.

I want to continue to push my body and to let cancer know, I WIN!

It is time I start to pay it forward, so I’m starting a fitness and nutrition (some life coaching) business. I want to help people change there lifestyle for the better. Anyone from people struggling with cancer, survivors, even elite athletes. I currently am the fitness director for the Windsor Vardar Soccer Club.

Healthy living is a lifestyle change not a diet.

I have No Stomach but that’s all I’m willing to give to cancer. My life is mine! Anyone needing help with there health and wellness please contact me!

Instagram @kiakahafitnesscanada

Twitter @kiakahafitness1


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Chad White